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Will Rogers
High School
"Ride on, ye Ropers!"
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Following is a recap of programs and other activities since late 2006
12-02-06 Kevin Burr, principal at Will Rogers
High School, First Watch

01-06-07 Video highlights of Round-Up 1958, 5
& Diner (new regular venue)

02-03-07 Classmate Richard Hackl, early Tulsa
movie theatres and his international scale
model business

03-03-07 Classmate Suzan Gray-Bianco, Tulsa
jazz legend

04-14-07 Preview of Round-Up 2007 by Kristina
Vassella, Fine Arts Department Chair and
Drama/Technical Theatre Director at WRHS.

04-21-07 Classmates attend Round-Up 2007,
"Copacabana!" featuring Anita Bryant ('58)

05-05-07 Amish dinner in Chouteau at new
Miller Farm

06-02-07 Jan Ensign, daughter of Classmate
Paul Ensign and Jan Class Ensign ('60), of
Safari's Interactive Animal Sanctuary

07-07-07 "Will Rogers 20th Anniversary
Progress Report," filmed during our senior
year, narrated by Dr. Raymond W. Knight

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