I drove the old stock cars for three
years, one year in Tulsa and two in
Norman while going to school.  I had
an opportunity to drive a NASCAR
last year and accepted before they
finished asking.

I started in the back where they put
drivers that are training or had
some experience. Well, I knew
driving the old dirt track would be
nothing like the power and speed of
a NASCAR. After the second lap I
begin to open up as was losing
ground fast. At 150 to 160 MPH, I
passed three and one passed me

Now I know why it takes drivers so
long to pass another car. At these
speeds you have to be in the right
place at the right time at the right
speed and watch the wall as it
comes up mighty quick out of the

Will be doing a 20 lap race this
summer sometime.
(Submitted April 2007)
Could use one of those
Coors the car is advertising
Now in my fire
retardant suit ready to
go, I think
Arriving Texas Motor Speedway—Am I still
up to this?
Driving school?  Dirt trackers don’t need
In the driver’s seat getting locked in with
thoughts of caution, anticipation, excitement
and some confidence rising
Wheeeee! All over! What a race and a thrill! The
car’s handling and quickness are unbelievable.
Think I will do it again
Leaving pit row for the track
Roger Westfall,
driving classmate