Will Rogers
High School
"Ride on, ye Ropers!"
Miscellaneous 2004-2009>
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Rehearsing hand jive for
2004 reunion assembly
Kaye and Janice at 2004
reunion planning meeting
Girls night out 2006 at
Dewey and Jeanie Hammons'
One of the monthly brunch meetings in 2006, this one at
First Watch on South Lewis
Dinner before seeing South
Pacific in July 2006
Dwain Gregory, Fred Beasley
and Don Warlick in NYC in
WRHS Principal Kevin Burr
met with classmates at First
Watch on December 2, 2006.
Front: Dr. Burr, Beth Abdo
Dennis, Anne Hackl
(spouse).Back: Dick Risk,
Ron Chambers, Roger
Westfall, P.J. Brown Jett,
Dee Bohl, Richard Hackl. A
total of 13 made it on that
icy day.
Richard Hackl presented a
show of former movie
theatres in Tulsa - Feb. 2007
Suzan Gray-Bianco sang
some jazz standards for the
March 2007 brunch program
(right) Nancie Jones Dejmal
and spouse Doug, as Ike and
Tina Turner. (far right)
Nancie and Doug as
themselves. (03-07)
(far left) Dave Key and
spouse, Marta Liliana, in
Santa Maria, Magdalena,
Columbia, S.A. (left) Chas
Wilder visits the Keys.
Dr. John Hatchett, Betty
Bard Hatchett, Sharon
Montgomery Lairmore, John
Lairmore (07)
(right) Classmates Kay Farrell Taylor and John Owen
attend a party at the home of Joe Welling ('58, on right
in center group photo) in Willis, Texas, about an hour
north of Houston on Lake Conroe. Bob Moses and
unidentified '58 member (left)
Cleveland Junior High School reunion 06-02-07 hosted by Whitley Cox
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